Pamper Evening Routine:


Just to warn you all, this post is going to be a long post so you may want to grab yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate and incorporate giving this a read into a pamper evening of your own. 

Every now and again we all just need to take a night out completely to ourselves to do nothing but relax and give ourselves a bit of a treat. Personally, I find myself doing this every week or so and over the past few months I've found myself developing a bit of a routine that I stick to during a "pamper evening". I think they're amazing and very good for you both mentally and in terms of skincare. No matter how much you've got on your plate or going on (especially if you're going through your A levels like I am) everyone needs a night off to just clear their head, relax and have a fresh start. I never plan to have a pamper evening in advance but usually they start off with me getting home from college, dropping my bag on the floor and deciding its high time I gave myself a break.

Once this is decided the first thing I do is run myself a very bubbly warm bath with  lovely smelling bubbles, once in the bath the very first thing I do is get a fairly abrasive flannel and my usual face wash (Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub) to make sure that I've got all of my make up and dead skin cells right off. This is a really important step to take in your skin care routine whether having a pamper evening or not, as the steam that comes from a bath or shower will open up your pores meaning that make up and dirt will sink into your skin, making spots and bad skin in general much more of a problem. 

After all my make up is off I'll end up lying there in the bubbles for what feels like ten minutes but usually turns out to be more like half an hour before snapping myself out of it and washing my hair with whatever shampoo I'm using at the moment. As soon as all of the shampoo is washed out I'll absolutely cover my hair in conditioner, which I'll usually let sink in for a good ten minutes or so while, I wash and scrub my body - usually very harshly to both make sure I've removed all the dead skin cells on my skin and if the reason I'm treating myself is because of a few hard days I get that feeling of wanting to try and scrub the day off me and feel much better after a nice scrub, haha. Then I wash out the conditioner, slip on a hair mask, which lately has been Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long hair mask- and leave that in my hair for hours and hours even after I get out of the bath.

When out of the bath I usually carry on the pamper evening by popping on a onesie or my PJ's, setting up my oil burner with a collection of smells that I've collected from Little Hotties, I love mixing up the smells I've collected to create different scents. While the little wax shapes are melting away I'll always put lots and lots of moisturiser on and actually take the time to use different moisturisers for 
different parts of my body, as opposed to just a face moisturiser and a body one for my face. The first moisturiser I'll use will be my face one which for night time is Vaseline Essential Moisture Pure Oat Extract, as it's really nice and thick and you can tell it's doing a world of good for your skin when you're massaging it into your skin and down your neck. Next comes body moisturiser which for the past year or so has been The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter I must have been through at least three of the largest sized tubs of it it's amazing smelling, constancy and is amazing for your skin, I rub a nice thick layer of that in all over my body, because let's face it when it's a pamper evening you can't go by halves can you? Last but not least for moisturiser comes the Heel Genius from Soap & Glory my feet, I won't go into to too much detail about this as I've featured it on this post.

By this point I'll usually have a face mask on too, and have some Vaseline rubbed into my eyelashes and eyebrows to keep them in nice smooth condition. After I've scrubbed off  the face mask I'll pop some Sudocrem onto my face in any red spots or blemishes on the skin, which if you have no idea why I do this then read about it here. To top everything off I'll do a lip scrub and cover myself in lip balm too. Now usually the smell of the oil burner has started to get to me and relax me so the last thing I'll do on a pamper evening is paint my nails in front of either some Youtube videos or some dodgy telly like Keeping Up With The Kardashians which no girl can help but love.

The very last thing I'll do is shuffle myself  up to the bathroom, to wash out the leave in conditioner out of my hair pop some serum in and shuffle off to bed for a very early night. Well that's all for a pamper evening of mine, I hope you all enjoyed reading it, and didn't get bored reading it.