A Week in Dorset:


 A while a go during half term break my family, boyfriend and I went on holiday to Portland, Dorset. It was the cutest little seaside town and I loved every second of it, it was a break that I certainly needed what with the stress of A-Levels (although Myles and I did have to bring a fair amount of school work with us :( ha ha). I took hundreds and hundreds of photos but I chose these few just to show you a little snippet of how amazing the town was.


The views everywhere we went were an absolute dream there was no where we went that didn't a stunning view from all angles, there were plenty of moments where we all just stopped and took a moment to look around. 

 Just two examples of how sweetly all of the placed were named. I fell in love with them so much I must have looked such a weirdo, stopping and taking photos of street signs!

On one of the days Myles and I went off on our own to see the local castle, which was (surprise, surprise) was beautifully kept and a lovely experience to walk around and take a look at. There were little historical games and dress ups throughout along with interactive boards to keep everyone entertained but it was a peaceful, quiet place all at the same
time with a cafe to just sit and relax in
We went on a walk every single day which is a definitely a good thing considering the amount of chocolate and fish and chips on the beach we all ate! 

I hope you all enjoyed this little post about my holiday, I know it's not beauty related but I thought some of you might be interested and it's something I want to remember forever.


I'll see you all next time. P.S. Did you go away anywhere during half term? Let me know in the comments I'd love to hear about it.