Straightening Haircare Routine:


If you follow my blog regularly than you'll already know that my natural hair is extremely curly, so to keep it in good condition I don't very often use heat on it. However, when I do I want to know that it's well protected and will stay straight a good few days. Due to this over the past year or so I seem to have developed a little routine when I'm planning on straightening my hair. 

The first thing I'll do is wash my hair with a good cleaning shampoo and conditioner to make sure it doesn't have any left over residue of products in my hair because I'll be covering it with products soon too so I don't want any unnecessary dirt or products in there making it look any more greasy than it needs to. 

I hugely recommend Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky shampoo and conditioner as a purifying shampoo and conditioner they really get all of the dirt out of your hair and leave mine feeling squeaky clean without drying my hair out.

The next thing I'll do is cover the ends of my hair in a leave in conditioner. The one I've been absolutely loving lately is the 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long from Aussie. Despite the fact your'e supposed to leave this in for 3 minutes I'll usually tie my hair back and leave this in for hours and hours before washing it out. Even though it always leaves my hair super soft when I do this I really get that just walked out the salon feeling.

Next comes serum for wet hair, as my hair naturally forms strong ringlets it does have the tendency to look very frizzy so I'll use my John Frieda Frizz-Ease serum which has it's own full review and has been mentioned so many times on my blog already that I wont go into too much detail here.

Then I'll use some form of straightening treatment I'm almost always using one of these three when I'm straightening my hair. My John Frieda 3 Day Straight is one of my all time favourites and I've had it for years, the only negative I can think of is that it does have the tendency for feel a little sticky but this does wear off after a while.
The Body Shop's Macadamia Straightening Balm, is another one of my favourites it leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny as well as smelling amazing it was the smell that sold me on this in the shop because it's just such a nice smell, it's really true to macadamia so if you like the smell of that you'll love this.
Iv'e left my favourite of them all until last, the Phil Smith Total Treat Argan Oil Hair Transformation Cream. This is so good! I honestly don't think I've ever enjoyed or loved a product so much from first use before. It makes my hair feel so soft that it slides through your hand and smells just the right mixture between clean and a nice perfume. It keeps my hair straight for days, but not an uncomfortable poker straight like some products.

Now, after I've blow-dried these into my hair at a downwards angle, I'll top up the heat  protectant. Even though the straightening treatments I use have a built in heat protectant to them I'll always add more just so I'm safe in the knowledge that my hair is truly looked after, because I'm so into taking care of my hair. 

The one I use is VO5's Heat Protect Styling Spray, which, again I won't go into too much detail about as it's been featured in my rainbow tag post. I then just go through my hair in sections with my straighteners and
make sure it's all nice and straight.


Then, I always smooth down the ends with some serum for dry hair. One that I've been loving to bits lately is the Loreal EverSleek serum, which has a full review too. 

Last but not least just before leaving the house I'll spray some of this Tresemme Salon Shine Argan Oil spray through my hair which I really do think makes a noticeable difference. It really adds shine and has a light weight feel to it.
I know this is a lot of steps but I really like to take good care of my hair. So if you'd like to see any more hair based posts then leave your requests in the comments below and let me know along with any requests for anything else you'd like to see.