Step by Step: Winged Eyeliner:


 First of all I have to say please excuse the fact my face looks so dirty  in these pictures, I don't know what happened here but I promise I'm squeaky clean in person!

But anyway, on to the point..

Step 1:

 Line your eye with a thin line of eyeliner, go slow and steady with this if you're just starting out then this could take a while to perfect but stay calm and keep trying. Believe me if anyone knows how stressful it can be going wrong and having to try over and over again then I do!

Step 2:

Create a line going diagonally into the line you just made where you want the wing of your eyeliner to be.

Step 3:

Lastly you're going to want to go over and join everything up, basically paint over the lines you  just made in a sweeping motion until you're happy with the thickness of the wing, I went a little thicker than usual to make it easier for you to see in these pictures.

That's all you need to do just three simple steps to a dramatic winged liner look. As I've said before this is going to take practice but it will be worth it when you have the ability to do this in a rush or on more of a regular basis practically stress free. But if it does get you annoyed and worked up just remember that everyone had to learn and practice to get good at it and plenty of people still have off days where it all goes wrong, just stay calm and keep practicing with different types of liner too. There's pencils, gels, liquids, liner brushes, angled brushes, thick lines and thin ones. The list is almost endless just experiment until you know which one works best for you and until then, good luck!


I hope this post has helped a few of you out and if it has I'd love to know in the comments?