Monthly Favourites: October:


 I've got the largest bottle of available and I've had it for over three years and I'm yet to finish it! If your'e  looking for a product that will last you forever and is nice and affordable then look no further. It has a really firm hold with the thinnest layer of spray. All in all it's good but I have to warn you against applying too much of this without it leaving you with sticky wet looking hair, which is never a good look.

I love the smell of this product so much it really does smell of raspberries, and makes me feel fresh and clean. I've used it as both a bubble bath and a shower gel, when used as a bubble bath it makes hundreds of lovely smelling bubbles, and when used as a shower gel it foams up really well and makes my skin so soft.

This is another product I've had for years but got lost in the back of my make up collection. Towards the beginning of  the month I pulled this out for the look I wore to the Rocky Horror Picture Show and fell back in love with it all over again. It lines both the tight line and the water line instantly and creates a nice dark black, which lasts hours on end without smudging.

Sadly the names of this product has rubbed off but I had to add it to my favourites because I've been wearing it so much lately. I've put a link to where you can buy Wet n Wild products anyway, because they're so hard to find in the UK. The colours are so highly pigmented and smudge really well so if you can get your hands on them I would recommend picking some up.

This is a nice thin brush so I've been using it through my T zone as a setting brush to keep my foundation in place. This one in the picture is the old packaging as I've had it for a while but I don't the brush itself has changed too much,

This is the perfect brush for a higher coverage of foundation, without it looking like your'e absolutely caked in make up. The shape of  the brush also means that you can get into all the crevices of  the face well meaning that you can get into all of the areas of your face. 

I won't go into too much detail about this product as it has a whole review of it own and it's already been in my pamper evening routine post. But, what I will say is that this is an amazing smelling and feeling scrub which I wholly recommend to anyone with oily skin like mine. 

That's all I've been really loving this month, I hope you enjoyed this post. As always if there's any products you've been loving this month then please let me know in the comments along with any requests for future posts.