My Pandora Charm Collection:


This seems like a bit of a strange post to make but I wanted to do it anyway. I've been collecting Pandora Charms since my 16th birthday when I was given my bracelet and first ever charm. Now almost 2 years later this is what my bracelet looks like. I wear it every single day and love it to bits

I wasn't sure whether or not to include my safety chain but I figured it's a big part of a Pandora so why not. I have the daisy one, I wasn't too sure of it at first it was the prettiest of the two available but it didn't really strike me as stunning. Over time it's really grown on me and I'm so glad I've bought it because to wear the chain is far better than the possibility of losing it.

The charm I got along with my bracelet is this cute white charm with light blue spots. It was this that made me decide that I wanted my theme to be blue and silver.

 The next charm was a present from my mum and dad for passing all of my GCSE's with good grades, and very fitting it is too. It's a little pile of three textbooks with a smart looking owl on one side and the word study on the back.

This cute little charm I got for myself as a little treat right when my Pandora was still new, I saw it and fell in love and bought it straight away. Its a light blue glass with sweet little light blue lady birds around the edge.

This charms was a present from Myles not this Valentines day but the one before, so Valentines day 2013. It's an adorable pair of love birds all cuddled up together with a heart between them which says love on one side and you on the other. I have to say this is probably one of my favourite charms.

My seventeenth birthday bought this little guy into my life. If this is the only post of mine that you've read then you probably won't know that elephants are my favourite animal of all time and I have such a love for them. This elephant is no exception, isn't he adorable? 

This charm is from Christmas 2013, a light blue enamel charm with silver leaf vines wrapped around it. I have to admit I'd been hinting at this one for a long time in the hope of getting it for Christmas, and it looks like it worked. It's so different to most of the charms available not an animal or flower, for that reason I love it.

The latest addition to my collection is also my first dangling charm. I was given it last Christmas which I'm sure if you saw my What I Got For Christmas Haul you'll already know. It's a little rat to represent my Chinese New Year Animal. I think he looks super sweet and adds a little something to my bracelet as he dangles.

Well that's all of my charms for now at least. I hope you enjoyed something a little different, let me know if you did in the comments and if you'd like to see a Pandora update in the future when I have a few more charms.