Product's I Regret Buying:


I have to admit I feel a little guilty putting this post up because I'm so used to reviewing products I love or at least giving balanced reviews on things, though these products are ones that I just haven't enjoyed using at all.

First thing's first is something that I've had for absolute years. It was one of my very first items of make up on a little Superdrug trip with my mum, I've had it so long that all of the packaging has rubbed off and I've had to have a little Googling session to be able to tell you that the product in question is Miss Sporty's So perfect Stay Cover stick. This is quite possibly the thickest cover stick I've ever used, it leaves your face feeling heavy and weighed down, not to mention the fact is highlights any bit of rough or dry skin (including in places you didn't realise you had any). The colour is also pretty orange toned too which is just the mouldy cherry on top of a very disappointing cake for me. If I had to give you any positives it would be that for those random under the skin red spots it's a good little cover up but I've still found much better.

Next is the Natural Collection Sheer Natural Lipstick's as an overall. The colour I have is Autumn Sunset which in the bullet looks like a really lovely warm toned pink colour but comes out as a faint almost white colour (if any colour pay off comes our at all) I've found this with all of their lipsticks and I used to think it was just me until a conversation came about with a group of my friends that had them all saying the same things. All of the lipsticks are practically white, slippy, lack colour pay off and enhance every dry patch and crack in the lips.

Another disappointing lipstick is Barry M's lipstick in Marshmallow (101). This is a really thick and almost hard formula which means you can feel it pulling your lip around as you apply it. As well as this the colour is almost white and feels very heavy and unnatural on the lips. In a strange way though I don't regret buying it to an extent because it has been the perfect colour for both my Barbie Makeup Tutorial, and Vampire Tutorial.

The Garnier Miracle Skin Perfecter B.B cream was a huge mistake buying. It claimed to be a light colour whereas it's actually one of the darkest I've ever seen in a skinbase aimed at light skin. Not only this but it was ridiculously shiny leaving me looking like I'd been through five trips to the gym in a horrible almost ill sheen. When wearing this all day I'd look in the mirror at the end of the day and find awful patches in some places and it had completely gone in others! 

This product is not so much a bad product than an unnecessary one for me. This is Marc Daniels "Go Curly" Serum which makes hair curly and smooth. I know what you're thinking why on earthh do I own something that makes hair go curly when I already have really curly hair naturally? I bought this years ago when my hair was only wavy but then out of no where a few years a go it developed into the strong ringlets I have today leaving me with no need for this serum.

When I was younger this Shampoo and Conditioner used to be one of my favourites (Alberto Balsam's Juicy Green Apple) however I don't know why or how but my scalp seem to have developed into something that severely disagrees with it. It makes my scalp itch like it never has before and feel really tight and uncomfortable. I'm not sure whether this happens to everyone or if it's just my scalp but I hugely regret buying these and I know for certain I'll never be using it again.

That's all for another post, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if disappointing products are something you's like to see more of instead of only good reviews. Personally I think popping these posts I every now and again would be something a little different from the usual posts I upload.