A Week With No Makeup:


Not long a go I decided that I would make an effort to go a week without make up just to see what it would do to my skin and my confidence. I haven't changed anything else be it my skincare or my diet that will have affected my skin so that I could see what the results would be. After the end of the week I thought I'd write down my experience's through out the time.

Now, for some of you a week may not sound like too long a time, but for me (although I have been known to go barefaced a lot of the time) an entire week totally barefaced is a pretty big deal.

I'll start by talking about how it's changed my skin and then go on to my confidence. First off, by the end of the week I don't think I've ever felt my skin so soft, the break from make up must have really given my skin care routine a chance to work its very best at looking after me because also the little spots that I had started to develop had disappeared too. Going without foundation for a while is a well recommended tip to help soothe redness in the face. I didn't think that it would be something that I'd experience because a week just didn't seem like long enough for me but it turns out it was enough time to make a start. By the end of the few days a little of the redness along my cheeks and nose had begun to fade and I also noticed that the bags under my eyes became less noticeable too. All in all in terms of skincare and looks it's really good for you to give your face a rest every now and again as it lets your skin heal itself and become less dependant on make up.

As for the confidence I felt. On the first day I was very aware of the fact I had no make up on in front of people who most of which had only ever seen me completely made up. However, as the day and then the next day wore on I realised that no one mentioned the fact my face was naked (the way I say had no make up...you know because I'm normal like that) and if they did mention anything it would be a compliment or telling me they wished they looked like that with no make up on. So not only the fact I was doing it but the fact I had support and lovely comments from my friends really helped to boost my confidence through out the week. On the third day I had to go into college after a really sleepless night, having had just four hours sleep and it's safe to say I felt and looked awful. I had big puffy eyes and great big bags and we all know how dull your skin can look if it's not had much sleep. I persevered though, and I'm proud of myself for doing it. I kept my bottle of water with me all day to wake me and my skin up and then just avoided mirrors as best I could. By the end of the week it felt almost completely natural to not have any make up on because I'd made myself get so used to it. I was still getting compliments and thanks to the improvements of my skin I was feeling good too. 

Overall I can safely say that if you're feeling a little brave or if your skin is just begging you for a break then give it a go because I found it really helpful and would definitely think of doing it again at some point in the future. 

Let me know if you give it a go in the comments, and I'll see you all soon.