Review: The Body Shop Lip Butter (Sweet Lemon):


Another review today, this time it's for a Body Shop product. This is the Body Shop Lip Butter in Sweet Lemon.

First things first the packaging is really nice and cute as with most Body Shop products, I like the fact the Lip Butters look like mini versions of the Body Butters in that they have the fruit on the top of the little tub with a colour that matches the product. 

As for the product itself the scent is quite possibly my favourite part of it, it smells exactly like sherbet lemon sweets. The taste is a little odd in that it has nothing lemony about it. It tastes a little like Vaseline to me. The consistency is also very true to it's name like the smell. It's exactly how I would imagine rubbing butter along the lips to feel.

I find that if my lips are already in fairly good condition then this is good to use in order to keep them soft, but for dealing with dry lips it does nothing as the fact it's a lip butter and has a buttery consistency can make it a little greasy and stop it sinking in.

All in all I'd say this is the perfect lip balm to put on at night because the consistency can sometimes mean it's a little heavy for use during the day. If you have £4 to spare and have lips that are usually in a good condition, but you like to take care of them then I'd recommend picking this up.