Review: Soap & Glory Mist You Madly:


It feels like such a long time since I've done a review, I don't know why I stopped because they're one of my favourite posts to write. With that in mind I thought I'd write you another. This one is going to be for Soap & Glory's Mist you Madly body spray.

I absolutely love this product for wearing in warm Spring/Summer weather, because it's such a bright feeling scent. The scent claims to be "A flirty floral fragrant body spray" and that is exactly what it is. Imagine having a really nice young perfume (but not sickly sweet) with an undertone of the typical Soap & Glory scent then you've got it pretty much bang on.

It's a fairly strong scent and you can use it as a perfume on just the wrist and neck or you can use it as intended as an all over body spray. Either way the scent will last all day without too much need for a top up. If you did want to add a little more throughout the day though it comes in a fairly gentle plastic bottle which means you can carry it around in your hand bag without fear of it smashing and leaking or banging into things and chipping at stuff in your bag. It also means it wont weigh you down when carrying it either.

The name and packaging are both amazing as expected with the brand because I'm yet to use a product of theirs that I don't like. I would definitely recommend giving this a smell next time you're in Boots and picking it up if you like it. It's a real bargain too compared to most perfumes and has good value for money in that I'm not even close to finishing my bottle and I've had it for ages.

That's all for this post, I hope you enjoyed it and if you've seen any other products in previous posts that you'd like a review of then let me know in the comments.