Haul: New Look, Bodycare & Superdrug:


To celebrate getting my first pay check from work I got a few little things from town after college not too long a go. I didn't get a lot because I don't want to send all of my money at once and be stuck for the rest of the month.

The first thing I got was from Bodycare, this is actually for my little sister who's been having trouble with frizzy hair for a while. When I saw that this was olive based I picked them up for her because olive oils are really good for skin and hair so I thought she could try it out and see if it makes a difference.

From Superdrug I picked up the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation (I know FINALLY!) I've been needing a new foundation for ages and since it's getting slowly but surely closer to summer and this was on offer for just £4.99 I thought I'd try this out as it's a lighter coverage and has a dewy finish.

The only other thing I picked up in Superdrug was this blusher set in Calaforn.I.A. I'd planned on getting a lot more than this but they had asked every to start leaving because the shop was closing. It's a set of three warm shimmery toned cream blushes which I think will be perfect for Spring/Summer. I'm also trying to build up more of a cream blush collection so this is a nice addition.

Last but not least from New Look I got a nice pair of blue "super skinny" jeans. I've needed new jeans for a very long time not just because of colour fading but because they were literally falling off me where I stood. It's been such a nice feeling walking round without looking like a right weirdo keeping hold of your trousers. They're quite dark but have a lighter colour through the middle of the leg which should hopefully help me look a little taller. They feel really strong and good quality and soft too.

That's all for this haul if you liked the look of anything then please let me know if there's anything you want a more in depth review on in the comments.