Am I Kylie Jenner Yet?


She's the queen of the poses and everyone and their dog is obsessed with that make up of hers lately so I thought why not jump on the bandwagon. Of course the main part of her makeup is the lips, whether you think she's had surgery or not it's undeniable they look plumped up. With that in mind I lined my lips and went crazy with the lipstick. I know Kylie seems to favour the matte look but to get the plump look I went for more of a glossy tone. As for the rest of the face, of course the skin had to be flawless, after all she is part of the Kardashian clan, this meant everything from primer right through to a heavy setting powder and of course the contour and highlight that goes with any Kardashian of Jenner based look. From looking at pictures Kylie's eyebrows are quite squared at the front so I tried to emulate that, I also went for a subtle warm tones shimmer across the eyes with a very thin line of black eyeliner and lashings of mascara to get long fluttery lashes.