Review: Sephora Nourishing Hand Cream:


This hand cream is my first ever Sephora product and was a lovely present from my Boyfriend when he went on holiday over the Summer.  Bless him he even kept the bag in case I'd want to use it for my blog! He also told me he wanted to get me some make up but was totally overwhelmed by the sheer amount of it all and had to get me something small so it wouldn't be taken off him at the airport.

On to the actual hand cream itself, I have to say that this is the best hand cream I've ever used! It smells amazing, I first used it amongst friends and all of them turned to me as I was rubbing it in saying how amazing it smelt. I'm having trouble deciding what it smells like and nothing on the bottle is giving me any help, but just an overall pampered scent nothing fruity or floral. 

What the bottle does say is that it has no parabens, is nourishing, has purifying ingredients which remove pollution and penetrates instantly. I have to say I agree with all those claims! It certainly makes my hands feel cleaner and smoother at work, which is high praise considering I'm touching everyone's change and dusty, dirty box packaging all day! It also sinks in extremely fast, I tend to use this in my little gaps between lectures and I'm never left unable to hold my pen properly or anything like that when the lectures do start. I'd say the texture is fairly similar to Soap & Glory's Hand Food so if you've used that then you'll know what I mean, very smoothing and soft instantly.

I would definitely recommend picking this up if you have a Sephora near you or know of anyone who could get it for you (lucky you!)