All My Social Media:


This is a very non beauty related post but after being asked by a few people what social media I have I thought I'd just make a  quick post listing everything I have (for now) just so everything is in one place. I don't want anyone reading this to feel like I'm just shoving everything in your face or begging for followers, if you don't want to follow me you really don't have to.







That's it those are all of the social media I have right now and in all honestly I think that's probably the most I will have for a long time. But if I do add anymore then you'll be able to find all of my links on the side of my blog so feel free to click and have a look!

That's all for now I know this was a small post that probably won't be of much interest to most of you but it was requested and any requests I get I always try to work my way round to.

I'll see you all next time for a more beauty related post.