Haul: The Body Shop, Topshop, Boots & M.A.C:


A few days ago I went shopping with my friend (best friend tag coming soon!) to spend my Christmas vouchers and this is what I picked up. Alongside an amazing meal in a cute little cafe.

I got matched in M.A.C and I found out that I'm an NC/NW 15 depending on the season so I took the sample's home for now to decide whether or not I really like the Studio Fix Fluid foundation, and if I do I think I might have to ask for it as one of my birthday presents this year.

I then went to Topshop where I got this beautiful dress, for just £10 in the sale would you believe. It's a pink toned coral colour which should look really nice with a tan in summer, and it has a rose and lace pattern all along it, this is my first ever body con dress and even though I'm a little body conscious I really like it because the elbow length sleeves and the fact it covers the top of my thighs stops me feeling too on show. Although it is a little low cut in the front, but that doesn't really bother me too much, because it's such a beautiful dress. I know I'm going to be getting an awful lot of use out of this. 

Again from Topshop, I picked up this midi ring in the sale. It's a little silver heart which is lovely, but in all honesty the real reason I fell in love with this ring is the sheer fact it actually fits me, I have very thin fingers so even the smallest of rings often go flying off my hands and I have to wear them on my thumbs or middle fingers. The fact it was only £2.50 was an added bonus too.

I only ended up picking up one thing in Boots and it was the Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Translucent. My current face powder is really on it's last legs at the minute so this one is a welcome addition to my collection. I got translucent so it shouldn't interfere with the colours of my foundations too much and I've heard wonderful things about this powder so I'm looking forward to giving it a try. 

Last but not least was The Body Shop, you've probably noticed from my past posts that I'm a pretty huge fan of The Body Shop so I went in there looking for a new face cream because the one I'm currently using is nice for the night time but is far too thick for during the day so I was recommended this one by the lovely lady in the shop, can I just take a moment to say that the staff in The Body Shop are always so amazing and informative! Much love to them, but to continue I was recommended this Vitamin E Moisture Cream because It's full of antioxidants to nourish my skin and look after the dry parts without being too greasy on the rest of my face.

While I was there this Beautifying Oil in Olive caught my eye and after trying out the tester on my hands I just had to pick it up, it has a nice smell but isn't too Olive smelling. It says you can use this on your face, body and hair and I'm planning to use it on my cuticles and the ends of my hair as a deep treatment.

That's everything I bought, what do you think? Did I make some good choices? What have you brought lately? Let me know in the comments.