NOTD: Flowery Nails:


This is going to be another one of my really quick and easy nail tutorials that take no skill, today it's some simple little flowers. This should be something that's perfect for spring time because it's fresh and floral, especially with these colours but, of course, you can change the colours around to whatever you'd like them to be.

After painting your nails one block colour that you'd like the background to be. Take the colour you want the main petals of your flower to be and make random shaped blobs in random positions all over the nail, the random may seem strange now but it should make the flowers look more natural than if they were uniform shapes. 

Next you're going to want to take a thin little paintbrush and another petal colour, like this pastel pink and make small little swirls, again in random shapes and sizes, within the blobs that you made before. I find that it's best to do this when the bigger blobs are still a little damp because it means that the colours will blend together a little more making them look more like flowers.

If you're as inartistic and bad at nails as I am then you should now have something that looks a bit like this, but I'm sure your nails look much better than mine do. The last thing to do is add a little yellow centre to your nails, this can be done as easily as the other step just take the colour on a paintbrush and apply a little dot in the centre of the flower.

That's all for another post, tell me what you thought of these nails in the comments below, and until then I'll see you all next time.