FOTD: Pink and Brown Natural Valentines Look:


As you can see this is a very natural look, that I will probably be sporting this Valentine's day. I know it's not a lot of makeup but I personally think that on Valentine's day you wouldn't want to look too done up and over the top. 

I started off with a fresh natural looking base made up of a BB cream, light concealer, a very very light contour, a touch of blush and a little higlithing. The reason I was so light and gentle with all of is because, personally, I associate love and Valentine's with softness and smoothness which in terms of the face would mean no harsh lines or bright colours.

I wanted to go with a pink and brown eye because, again they're soft colours also I really like the way they blend together. So I started with a really light and shimmery pink, then went through the crease with another light shimmery colour, only this time it was a brown. I did a lot of blending to keep the look seamless then blended the same colours under the eyes and doing a little highlighting along the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eyes. The brows themselves are really gentle and natural too I just used a light brown powder and a clear gel to set them. I applied an extremely thin line of brown liner along the upper lash line and a brown mascara.

Last but not least a pretty nude lip, not much to say about that just nice and natural as with the rest of the look. 

That's the end of another post, I really hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love to see if any of you recreate the loo. If you do then please find me on twitter @EJEbeauty and tweet me a picture.
I'll see you all next time.