Valentines Day & Harry Potter Studios Tour:


This is just going to be a little bit of a catch up blog post today because I feel like it's been a long time since I posted. As well as this you all seem to enjoy the posts that are a little more personal and a especially the ones featuring Myles. (My boyfriend for any new viewers.) With that in mind I thought I'd tell you about our Valentines day together. 

As you can see by our red faces it was very cold and windy!

Valentines day this year was a Friday which meant we were both at college throughout the most of the day. He spend all day making me believe he felt really bad and guilty for totally forgetting Valentines day, which made me a little upset and sulky all day. I was totally wrong though because when we got to his house there was a card, a box of chocolates, a single red rose and most special to me a stunning blue orchid! Orchid's are my favourite flower and I love the fact it was blue, really different from the typical flowers girlfriends get given at Valentines day or any other time.

After a Dominoes and a tub of Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream between us (my romantic choice for an evening meal) it was an early night because the next morning we had to be up at half six ready to go to the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour!

This is actually something we booked together as our Christmas present to each other but because it's such a popular place the 15th of February was the closest we got to Christmas. With that in mind we both agreed that the day would be our Christmas treat to each other and we'd get each other a Valentines day present from the gift shop. 

The Cupboard Under the Stairs

When we got there we found out that we'd been lucky enough to book tickets during the Animal Actors week which had the animals from the films dotted around the studios. We saw a little puppy of Fang's Crookshanks the cat, Scabbers the rat, Hedwig the owl and I touched a snake! It was a very strange feeling but I'm so glad I did it. It's a very brave thing for me to do.

On arrival we were told that it usually takes visitors 3-4 hours to walk around and enjoy everything including the giant gift shop at the end of the tour. Myles and I however, took a good 5 hours plus making sure we didn't miss a single thing and stopping for a nice lunch in the café. In the café we tried a Butterbeer which has to be one of the most disgusting thing's I've ever tasted which was disappointing, although it was made up for by the fact I got to keep the glass!

Sadly I don't have many pictures because I took them all on Myles' phone (his camera being a better quality than mine) but I'm sure if any of you are as big fans as I am then you'll either have seen the place in person or on youtube videos and blog posts. All in all I definitely recommend the experience to any of you who are big fans of Harry Potter it literally is magical. 

From the gift shop I got a Gryffindor hat which I love and is super cosy. I got my little sister a chocolate frog which she was head over heels in love with and Myles a Ministry of Magic mug.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you all next time...that could be a while away though considering all I feel like doing at the moment is curling up and watching Harry Potter films over and over and over again.