New Tag: Lotions & Potions/Product Storage:


Hey guys,  I hope you're all well today I'm going to be doing something a bit different and start my own tag. I'm going to call it the "Lotions & Potions Tag" because that's the name I've always used for all my hair, skin and tanning products e.t.c. and everyone has a different storage technique for them. I thought some of you might be interested in seeing the way I store mine and seeing how all the rest of you store yours.

I keep all my beauty products (that aren't make up) on top of the chest of drawers that holds the majority of my clothes and pyjamas. Going from left to the right the first thing you should see is a little basket. This is where I store the main products I use with the tallest at the bag working forwards to the smallest, so that I can see everything well and hopefully no product will be forgotten about and abandoned. It also means I can easily grab anything I need on lazy mornings without having to rifle through and knock things over. If I ever have too many products to fir into the basket then I'll line up some of the pretty little things along the front as you can see in the picture, I really like doing this because I think lining up some pretty bottles along the front can look really nice.

In the taller flowery pink basket I stand all my different hair brushes, I've got a thin and a wide toothed comb, a flat brush and a rounded barrel brush. I find that keeping them in a basket helps keep them look neat and pretty, when it's easy for your brushes to look a little scruffy when they don't have a proper home. I also have my tangle teaser which lives just outside the basket because it doesn't quite fit. Back to the basket though, I have my big bulldogs clips and grips to separate my hair when I straighten it clasped on to the side and a pair of scissors on the inside because, well, you never know when a spare pair of scissors comes in handy.

On the left side of the drawers I keep my vintage tin which features close up in this post  which holds little cotton wool pads for nail varnish and removing make up. Next to it I have a pretty little vintage bottle which you saw in my Christmas Post and my big mirror from Ikea. In a little glass box that my uncle made for me with an engraved lid (it has my name on it) I keep all my makeup brushes and last but not least I keep the necklace I wear everyday on it's little stand in the box and the watch I wear every day behind it.

Some of you may have noticed the little box with the red lid under the drawers in the top picture. This is a pretty little storage box that I keep little empty pots and bottles in that I want to photograph for empties posts.

Well that's it for this post I really hope this tag takes off because it would be nice to see how other people store their products. I tag all of you that want to have a go.