Charity Shop Book Haul:


If you don't know that I love both shopping and books by now then you never will. So when I wandered into a charity shop with my dad and found out the the books were just 50p each I went a little crazy and bought many books!

The first is The Beach House by Jane Green, from what I've read on the blurb it's about a widowed woman who begins renting out rooms of her beach house and both her and those she rents to's stories. It fittingly enough sounds like it would be a good beach read.

This was the first one I picked up and after laughing out loud simply by reading the blurb I just had to pick it up. This one is about a man who bumps into a woman on Charlotte Street who thinks she was the most amazing woman he's ever seen but she leaves behind her camera by accident. Should he develop the photos in hope of finding her or just throw it away?

My Sister's Keeper is supposed to be one of those classic books that everyone has read. So I thought I'd better keep up and give it a read too. I haven't seen the film but I'm not too worried about that since I'm a big believer in reading the books first.

Now the Bridget Jones films I have seen and LOVE! These are books I've wanted to read in so long so when I saw them both right into my bag they went. I've heard that these are just as funny as the films so I can't wait to give them a read.

A little bit of cheesy chick-lit never hurt anyone so when I read the blurb of To Marry a Prince and found it was about a woman who meets a man not knowing he's a Prince and they fall in love, well I was sold. I love this kind of thing as a break from heavier books and work and University life every now and again.

Another seemingly similar book  is How it all Began. Now I know you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover but that's what made me pick this one up, the pretty flowers and tea cups (I know, I know I'm and 80 year old woman in an 18 year old's body). This book follows one event and how it leads on to others in other people's lives. For example it starts with someone asking a friend to fill in for them at an even, which leads the friend to have to cancel a meet up with her lover, which leads to the lover's wife finding out and so on. I thought it would make quite an interesting read.

I've read and couldn't put down One Day so I thought I'd give Starter For Ten a go since they're both by David Nicholls. I've read some good reviews about this one but that's really all I know about it. I don't think that's too bad a thing though it'll be nice going into it and just seeing where the story goes with no previous expectations.

Two Caravans by Maria Lewycka is about a group of people from many different countries who come to England to pick strawberries, some of them however are kidnapped so the others go off to find and save them. This isn't my usual kind of read I'll be honest but I liked the sound of this and I also thought it was time I branched out a little.

Those are all the books I picked up and I think it's safe to say I wont be short of beach reads come Summer! Do you have any recommendations for me?