The Phase: Autumn Clothing:


This is going to be my first "The Phase" post (which if you don't know what that means then check out this post for an explanation). Lately I've been obsessing over Autumn clothing whenever I walk around shops or have an on line browse it's the Autumn clothing I'm looking at. 

I love the Autumn as a season but the clothes make me even happier. I'm a huge fan of cold weather (I don't know if that's weird or not) and the warm cosy clothes. With all the layers and fluffy hoods. The Autumn colours are my favourite too, as well as this the knits in Autumn colours are my favourite, hence the jumper and tights I've pictured. 

If you've been enjoying Autumn and Winter fashions then let me know what kind of things you've been looking at. Especially since it's University time and I'm getting more and more into saving up for a treat every now and again and getting real pieces into my wardrobe as opposed to lots of cheap little things.