Review: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick:


This was one of my first ever high end lipsticks, in fact I'm fairly sure it was my first. It was an anniversary present, which if you want to you can read more about here. As you can tell by the date of that post this review has been a long time coming.

I have the colour Native, although I've had my eye on some of the others for quite a while now I have to say. The colour is very similar to a baby pink but it has a warmer undertone to it so I don't look to washed out when I wear it. I like that I can wear this whenever I want to as it goes with almost all makeup looks both natural and fairly done up. The packaging is beautiful too. I like the metal look and the fact the logo is fairly small and minimalist. I also really like the colour that the purple of the inner packaging.

As for the formula, it's fairly creamy with a subtle shine to it. It does move around a little however this isn't too much of an issue I feel as I've never had it smudge onto my face. In terms of longevity I find that it can last a fair few hours, you may have to bring along with you in yor handbag if yo want to be on the safe side.