Park Life:


Bradgate Park has always been one of my complete and utter favourite places to go. I love the fact you can be walking around and all of a sudden you're surrounded by deer or rabbits. I love the fact you can go off and get lost with someone you love because the park is so big that even if you've gone there since childhood like I have there's always a new place to discover because it's just that big. Or you can just stick to the big path and walk from one side of the park to the other. Want to climb to the top of the huge hill and fly your kites (or if you're my family get them stuck up the trees) or climb trees or wander through the thick trees or just find a quiet little place to have a picnic. It's got it all. I know it sounds like I'm an advert for the park but I really just love it that much. It's the perfect place for both family time or walking alone with your headphones in. I honestly don't think my family has ever had an argument in this park it seems to just bring s together. I think what I love the most about the place is that apart from the castle ruins which you can wander around, it's completely untouched. No huge buildings or concrete. There's no litter either since it's so looked after.