Maleficent Halloween Makeup:


The film may have come out a very long time ago but ever since seeing it in the cinema I cannot stop thinking about the makeup. I had to at least try and replicate it.


This is how it ended up, personally I think I could have done better but I'm quite pleased. First thing's first was an extremely pale, matte base. With no flaws showing at all. As for the eyebrows mine are far thicker than Angelina Jolie's so there wasn't much I could do about that. I did however add in a high point like hers.

The contouring was the most time consuming.

I found starting gradually with a brown easiest then going back in with a smaller brush to add in the black making the contour far deeper and much more dramatic. The trick for getting the harsh line to it was to blend at the bottom but leave the top as sharp a line as you could. I found with the entire look actually that it was made up of harsh lines and contrasts. The pale skin compared to the lip, the sharp line of black on the tear duct with no blending, thin harsh brows e.t.c. I also contoured the nose with a black thin line.

The eyes were fairly easy in terms of shadow, I simply applied a nude colour to the lid then blended a darker brown through the crease. Make sure you don't blend down! Everything about this look appears to be pointed upwards, enhancing the lift to the face that the intense contour gives. The liner was simple too, a thin black line along the lashes then filling in the dear duct area and bringing it to a point, none of this you should find too difficult if you've got a well sharpened pencil.

Last of all the lips, a bright shiny red, but not too glossy was the key. You could go a little over your natural lip line if you wanted an Angelina style pout but I do have naturally quite big lips so I just filled mine in as they were.

That's all for this look. I feel like I haven't done a dramatic look in ages, so let me know if you like them and I'll be sure to do more!