Student Loan Made Me Do It! My New Best Friend:


I seem to be developing quite a thing for handbags don't I? Considering I never used to be interested I feel like I'm becoming a proper woman now!

This Topshop beauty (which I'm sorry but I can't find online anywhere) is my new favourite handbag. I still really like the River Island one I bought not long ago but this one is the style I needed at this moment in time. I've been taking it to University with me which is why I like the size and fairly firm structure of it because I can keep all my notebooks and folders in there. (That's how I'm justifying it ok?!) It's a black textured leather style material with some subtle gold detailing. It looks like it should last a long time too as I would expect with Topshop prices. This was supposed to be around £36 pounds I believe but thanks to my new best friend student discount it was just over £20!