The Phase: Naked Nails:


I have to say I was so happily surprised with how well my last "The Phase" post has gone down. To this day it remains one of my most popular posts and I received some lovely comments on it.

My next Phase is about wearing nothing on my nails. I have to say this Phase didn't come about by choice. I've recently started a job in a supermarket which means that I'm not allowed to wear nail varnish. Since I work alternate days there's been no point in painting them for my days off.

Despite the fact I used to adore painting my nails in all different colours  I hated the fact that whenever I took my nail varnish off to change colours they felt were very thin, dry and yellow looking no matter what kind of base coat I used. However, since I've stopped wearing nail varnish and used a lot more hand cream since touching change and handling newspapers and products for hours on end can dry out your hands my nails look in far better condition and feel much better too.  I can't remember the last time I've had a nail break and my nail feels very smooth. It's also given the yellow colour a chance to fully grow out. Now I even when I have a few days off in a row I don't really want to paint my nails. I'm sure this truly is just a phase though since I used to absolutely adore painting my nails, although at the moment I don't think they'll be painted again for a long time.