Updating Your Makeup For Autumn:


Autumn is most certainly coming, and I'm so pleased about it! I love it when the weather gets colder, I love layering up my clothes, I love chunky knits and most of all I love the makeup!

When it comes to adding a bit of autumn to your makeup look, for me it's all about the warm purple tones through out! As well as a little red and brown. As you can see that's what I've gone for on the eyes and cheeks in particular. In terms of the lip I'm all about the matte when it comes to Autumn and this Revlon one in Wine Not is just perfect since it's a wine colour too which is another tone to lean towards come Autumn.

As for the makeup look over all everything gets a little heavier and a little higher coverage. The warm tones of Summer are still there but in less of an inner glow, tanned way and more of a cozy fallen leaves, been sat in front of a fire way. This achievable by going for purples etc. with a brown, orange or red undertone as opposed to blue's or greys. 

What do you do to change up your makeup come the change in seasons? Let me know because I love hearing about everyone else's makeup (I'm nosy like that)!