Skincare Routine 2014:


My Skincare routine last year fast became one of my most popular posts and since everything in there has now changed I thought it was time to update. I'll put a link to the last one here, just in case you wanted to compare.

My skin type is very temperamental, skipping from sensitive to oily to dry to spotty to perfectly clear all the time so there should be something in here perfect for everyone.

I'll start with my morning routine and then move on to the night time.

In terms of facewash I used to use this one all the time when I was younger so when the time came to purchase a new one I wanted to give this another go. The Soap & Glory Face Soap & Clarity 3 in 1 Daily Detox facial wash, may be a mouthful but it's packed full of vitamins and detoxifying properties that always help clear up any troublesome areas and leave my skin feeling squeaky clean and fresh.

After facewash I use a toner, the one I'm loving at the moment it the Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz. Not only is the smell of this amazing and relaxing but it feels great on the skin too. I find it not only soothes your skin with the organic properties in it but also helps wake you up in the morning as it's a cool spritz. If you find your skin needs something to calm it down after a wash in the morning then I would really recommend this.

In terms of day moisturisers I've been using the seaweed mattifying day cream. This is an absolute Godsend when my skin becomes oily it helps matte out the skin perfectly and dry out the spots that need it but without completely dehydrating your skin.

After face cream I follow up with an eye cream (morning and night). I always felt that I was too young for eye creams even though eyes have always been a problem area for me in terms of dryness which leaves concealer looking awful under my eyes. This has made a world of difference it's a gel like formula and so soaks in really fast and soothes the sore and dry skin under my eyes instantly, I've also I people commenting on the fact the bags under my eyes have really faded since I started using this.

I'll also apply my Nuxe Reve de Miel morning and night too as a finishing touch to my skincare. I try not to apply lip balm too much because your lips can become reliant on them but I find that this is thick and conditioning enough that it lasts all day and so you know your lips are moisturised and taken care of all day so you don't need to keep topping up.

Moving on to night time routine. If I haven't been wearing any make up that day then I'll go in with the Garnier Micellar Water on a cotton pas to help take the day off. It's very fresh, soothing and quick to use and makes my skin feel nice and clear at the end of the day. You can  pick this up really cheap in supermarkets if it's something you're looking to try out.

When I am wearing make up then I will give my skin a proper cleanse. The Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm is a blogger favourite that I refused to buy for a long time due to the price tag but sometimes you just have to cave in and treat yourself (something I perhaps do a little too often). I've done a first impressions on this before where I went into much more detail about the ingredients and experience of using it. What I will say here though is that if you want your skin to feel both clean and well moisturised then definitely think of giving this a go next time you fancy a splurge. It's very luxurious feeling.

Serum is what I apply after cleansing, this is another thing I felt I was too young for but believe me you're never too young to start taking some serious care of your skin. This Vitamin E Moisture Serum from The Body Shop I actually really didn't like when I first got it, but it turns out I was just using far too much of it. I've now cut down to just half a pump and I think that's perfect it sinks in fast and makes my skin feel well nourished but not oily.

On top of that I'll use the corresponding night cream from the range. I really like to amp up the moisture at night and this does just that. It's very thick and moisturising and lasts overnight. My skin always feels lovely in the morning and I go to bed feeling very pampered.

Once a week (unless I feel like I need more) I'll use a scrub instead of a facewash. I do this on a Wednesday. The scrub I'm using at the moment is the Botanics Purifying Face Scrub All Bright. This has really fine particles and not only helps remove dead skin cells but really makes you feel as though your skin is ten times better and has some blood flow to it. It truly does brighten the face too making you feel fresh and clean. I like to do it in the middle of the week because it gives you a nice boost midweek when you can be feeling a bit run down. As well as this I use the Lush Mint Julips lip scrub which is a sugar scrub. Not only does it taste amazing (think after eight mints) but it really gets any dry skin off your lips so well. 

Also once a week but this time over the weekend  I like to do a face mask. Lately I'm really into purifying masks like this No Clogs Allowed one by Soap & Glory. This is a really interesting mask. You rub it over your face then wet your hands and rub that into your face which makes the mask turn blue and heat up. It goes really hot and you can feel the warm doing good, spreading through your face and opening up your pores. After five minutes you wash your face which afterwards feels super soft and cool. You can see almost instantly how much cleaner your face looks. If you're having a bad skin phase then I would definitely recommend giving this a go.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you out a little. As I'm now a working woman I'm thinking of trying out some more high end skin care as the things I'm using at the moment run out. Not that these products aren't good but its always nice to try more things when you can afford to. So please do let me know in the comments if you've any recommendations.