Make-up Tutorial: Ice Queen:


I have no idea why but ever since I first got interested in make up this has been a look I've wanted to create. So I thought I'd take advantage of my first winter while blogging and make all the ideas I've had over the past years come together in one evil ice queen make up look.

The first thing I think of when I used to picture this look is a very pale matte base, so that's exactly what I did, I'm already very pale in winter so I used my palest foundation and went over it with a powder to remove any shine and matte down everything. 

That's the boring bit out of the way now we can get more creative. Using a damp slanted brush and a dark grey eyeshadow I started creating icicle like flicks coming from the top of my eyeshadow and upwards and outwards. I then went in with a really thin small brush and a dark blue shimmer just to add some more detail and definition to the bottom of the icicles.

Then using a really dark grey I contoured my cheeks and temple...A LOT. I went over the contouring hundreds of times and really pushed it into my skin so there was no missing it. I went for a grey over a brown as I thought it went with the look much more and really helped the look become more of a gaunt cold look. I also got a light purple colour and added bags under my eyes and contoured my nose because I thought that my ice queen would look almost dead and cold.

To keep the look within the blue and grey themed I added lots and lots of slightly silver shimmer all over my lid, the used a dark blue along the upper and lash line. The last thing eyeshadow wise was to use a matte white colour in the inner corners of my eye and under the brow bone, just to bring a bit of light into the look. Make sure it's a very pure white colour that you use though, you don't want to be adding any colours with warmth in them. I didn't want the lashes to be too visible and detract from the look, but I didn't want them to be totally bare so I just put on some cheap mascara that doesn't volumise and left it there, i aonly applied one thin layer.

Last but not least came the lips, again I wanted this look to be almost dead, so I used a really pale nude colour lipstick and covered my lips in it totally, then using a darker "my lips but better" colour and a detailing brush in the natural cracks in my lips to make them look sore and chapped. I also added a few more along the bottom of my lips just to make them look worse than they are.

That's everything for this look, I have to say I really enjoyed putting it all together and having more of an experiment with very out there looks so I'm thinking of doing more in the future. If that's something you'd like to see then please let me know in the comments below.