Tag: 11 Most Reached For Products:


I really love the idea of this post, just a nice simple tag where you can list those products that you just can't live without with no limitations in the type of product you chose. So without rambling on too much I'll get started. These aren't in any particular order they're just the products I've been reaching for the most lately.

MUA bronzer in Shade 3, has to be hands down one of the best bronzer's I've ever used. Considering it only cost me a pound it's so highly pigmented and doesn't have that orange under tone that leaves your face looking patchy and muddy. All in all it's just the dream bronzer, cheap, lasts all day so highly pigmented that you only need to tap your brush into it once or twice and a good colour.

Soap and Glory's Heel Genius, this is such a good foot cream. It's really thick and creamy it makes you feel like you're rubbing a really high brand expensive product into your feet. The colour is fantastic too, I know it's a foot cream that you're going to rub into you shouldn't really judge it on the colour but it's such a cute light mint green colour. And (of course because it's Soap and Glory) it smells amazing and does real good to any dry skin or cracked heels on your feet.

My most reached for blush at the moment has to be the Topshop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels. It really is so creamy and you just need to add a tiny dab along the apples of your cheeks and blend it out for an instantly flushed glowing look. It's colour is also a nice almost coral pink that adds a little bit of warmth to your face. All in all if you asked me to recommend you a blusher I would definitely suggest giving this one a try!

The Rimmel London Glam' Eyes mascara is the perfect lengthening mascara, which doesn't add any volume I have to say but sometimes I really don't want to have volumised lashes if I'm after a certain look. You only need to apply one or two coats for a really long lashed look, 

I'm sure you all know by now that without a serum in my hair I just look like one giant fuzzball! that's why a lot of my review posts have been for hair serum's. This is the latest addition to my collection and I really do love it! The product snob within me thought that because it's a Superdrug own brand it would be really awful and make my hair look greasy, but it doesn't at all, it tames any frizz and keeps my hair smooth and shiny in between washes. I'm thinking of giving it its own review so I'll leave it there, but for now I recommend Superdrug's Style Expertese serum.

A nail varnish remover is something that every girl owns, whether a girly girl or not. If you paint your nails as much as I do however, then you're going to need a strengthening one such as Cutex's Strengthening. Again I love the colour of it such a cute baby pink, but the main point is that it gets the job done. I wouldn't say the changes I've noticed in my nails has been spectacular but they do feel a fair bit stronger than usual and I attribute that to this product.

Don't ask me why but when it comes to a face scrub I always reach for one with apricot in it. Any apricot skin product is sure to do wonders for your skin, it really helps young skin stay young and plump. As for this St. Ives scrub in particular, I have the invigorating one as my skin can tend to look a little lack lustre and dull when it's in need of a good scrubbing. I use it around about twice a week and I have to say it really does make my skin feel and look ten times better. Much brighter and softer.

Another Topshop, and another radiance enhancing product now. This is the Topshop Glow Highlighter in Polished. This looks so beautiful buffed out along the cheek bones and down the centre of the nose. Whenever I'm wearing I feel so much more awake than usual and safe in the confidence it looks good. This really isn't something you need to wear a lot of just a few tiny dots along the cheekbones and blended out with your finger is more than enough.

My Lush Mint Julips Lip scrub is something that I'm sure you'll be familiar with if you've been following my blog for a while. It was featured in my anniversary post and I've been using it non stop ever since. As soon as you open the pot you get a lovely smell of mint coming your way and it tastes amazing too. I would say it's saved my lip many a time in these colder months.

This Sally Hansen Insta-grip is a recent discovery of mine but I honestly don't know where I'd be without it now I have it. It's hands down the fastest drying basecoat I have ever used and makes the varnish that you put over the top of it dry fast too in my opinion. It really does grip too giving the colour something to cling on to and last so long.

Last but by no means least is the Batiste dry shampoo. Love it or hate it we all come back to batiste it's a classic brand for dry shampoo and at a good price you can't really complain. This dark haired version is the perfect colour for me it goes on undetectable, and makes my hair look instantly better.

That's it my eleven most reached for products. I really hope you enjoyed this post and if you did let me know in the description. I'll see you all next time.