NOTD: Simple & Festive:


This really is going to be a quick and simple post, but I still wanted to do it because I'm really in the Christmas spirit lately and these are such a cute little look that's fast and festive.

All I did was use a really rich, glossy pillar box red on all my nails, except for my ring finger, which I created an accent nail out of with a shimmery opalescent green colour. I went over the top with a top coat to really make it shine because if you can't have bright shiny red and green nails at Christmas then when can you?!  

I hope you all give this a try or if you're more skilled than I am then I'm sure you got much more arty than I did and added some little holly leaves to the red nails or something along those lines. I'm definitely going to be sporting this look on my nails all throughout the Christmas season or at least on Christmas day. I'm thinking about switching it up a little and making the green the main colour and the red the accent nail but I don't know whether I'd like it as much or not. I suppose I could alternate the two and have one hand with the main colour red and the other with the main colour green.

I hope you all enjoyed this post guys, I'm sorry it was a little on the shorter side but I've been writing up a fair few really long ones lately so I thought I'd make a shorter one and make more of a mix.