My New Years Resolutions:


1. Drink More Water: 

This will probably seem like a strange one but I'm one of those silly people who will just genuinely forget to have a drink and end up dizzy and dehydrated . Obviously I want to change this because I know my skin, mind and body will thank me for it.

2. Making Time For Breakfast:

I know, I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and my brain won't function properly without it. But in the mornings when it's a choice between an extra few minutes in bed and breakfast, my lazy brain wins every time. Then as soon as I get to college I instantly regret it and end up feeling starving and uncomfortable all day.

3. Relax!:

I'm a very (and I mean very) stressy person. I can get myself into right states stressing over the silliest of things. This is something I really want to change because it's not nice worrying so much over things that a lot of the time don't even matter, and it's not fair on my poor friends and family who have had to calm me down so many times.

That's it for my resolutions I didn't want to set myself a ridiculously long list of things I'd never keep up with so a few little things that will make a difference is a much better idea in my opinion.

What are your resolutions? Let me know in the comments.