What I Got For Christmas (2013):


Now, first things first, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope you all had an amazing time and got spoilt rotten. I would also like to say that I am not making this post with the intention to boast or brag about what I was given I just thought it was something you would be interested in. I know full well I've been given a lot and I'm extremely grateful for everything, I'm a very lucky girl to have the family, friends and boyfriend that I have.

None of these presents are in a particular order and I'm not going to be listing who gave me which gift because I think it will make this post even longer than it needs to be when it's already going to be a big one.

Firstly, I got this beautiful pair of white high top Converse. I'm head over heels in love with them as I've had my eyes on a white pair for a few years now so I know they're going to be getting a lot of use, and sadly knowing me they wont stay clean for very long.

This beautiful hot chocolate making set is amazing! I love the mug but I think the spoon has to be my favourite part of it I just love the fact when its resting in the mug it looks like a Deer popping it's little head out over the top.

I also got this little kit from MaxFactor which includes, a Lipfinity gloss in 340 Essential Natural, Glossfinity nail polish in 140 Cobalt Blue and a False Lash Effect mascara in brown. The kit also came with a money off voucher for a foundation and a little idea booklet of looks to create from the products. I love this present because False Lash Effect is one of my favourite mascaras and the colours in the other products are gorgeous.

My friend got me something I've been wanting for a very very long time, a Tangle Teaser! I was so excited opening this I couldn't thank her enough and instantly opened it to use, I love it already and I'd say it's definitely worth all the hype already even after only a few uses. I love the fact she chose the pink one too because I'm not a massive fan of the other colours available from the range.

My first ever M.A.C lipstick comes next, I'm sure you could imagine just how happy I was to get this! It's a matte lipstick in the colour Please Me, and it's beautiful I've had compliments on it already. It comes out a little darker than it does in this picture but all in all the picture does it justice. It lasts all day too.

These eye shadow's are from Bourjois and they're part of the Ombre Stretch line. I was given the colours 10 bleu and 07 violet. I'm not usually a fan of blue eye shadow but the colours are beautiful they remind me almost of peacock feathers, with a really subtle shimmery undertone to them. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of these.

This top from Superdry was another of my main presents and it's quite possibly one of the most comfortable things I have ever worn. As well as being a really nice looking t shirt it feels so soft to wear I think this will be getting a lot of wear over the next few years too.

This next present was so unexpected and has to be my favourite from the lot. I was given my first ever set of M.A.C brushes, which again you can imagine my excitement about. My dad had the idea to go to a cheap little shop and buy a make up bag that was on it's last legs to hide the brushes in so I'd think I got some discount brushes but then I'd realise what they really were. I thought that was such a sweet idea and it worked because I fell for the little trick, which just made the surprise even better. 

This cute little guy is taking pride of place as a new charm on my pandora bracelet. It was part of the Chinese New Year collection as my symbol is the rat for the Chinese New Year.

These two rings are another addition to my jewellery collection and they look so good with every out fit. I like how they're bold enough to make a statement with but they cant be seen as too much. I'd also like to add that those spikes are deadly and I've accidentally stabbed many a person with them!

Sticking with jewellery I was given these lovely River Island earrings, these sweet pink daisies with a gold centre, which I think I'll be wearing through Spring and Summer almost every day. As well as these cool rings in all different shapes and sizes in a mixture of black and silver colours. I look forward to wearing them as a stack and making different combinations with them. The fact they're different shapes should mean that they'll add something really different to a look too.

From Urban Decay I was given the Vice 2 palette, which has an amazing variety of matte's, shimmers, subtle's and bright's which I really look forward to having a play around with and seeing what looks I can create. As well as a Black Market set of the 24/7 liners in a lovely variety of colours which should make a nice change for me instead of just wearing black eye liners.

I'm getting my room redecorated soon because I'm going to be staying at home throughout University, and I've had the same room for years now. The look I'm going for is an old style girly room so I asked for some calender blocks to go with this theme because the ones I had before hand were these bright purple, chipped things that my little sister had written her name on when she was younger and went through a phase of writing her name on everything. These new ones, however, I love they fit in perfectly with how I envisage my room looking too.

Sticking with new room ideas, this beautiful vintage looking glass bottle also goes well with my new room and is currently sitting prettily on my dressing table. It had a lovely white ribbon around it and a sparkly butterfly charm too.

I got two books this year, the first was Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler, which I've heard wonderful things about. it's written in the style of a letter from an ex girlfriend to her ex boyfriend essentially explaining why they broke up. (Pretty self explanatory really) and the very famous One Day by David Nicholls which I'm ashamed to say I am yet to read even though I call myself a book addict.

My aunt also got me this floaty scarf in a black and grey butterfly print. I love the print of this because I could easily get away with wearing it all year round.

Two sweet smelling perfumes have been added to my collection this year. The first is Anna Sui's Flight of Fancy which can I just say has an absolutely stunning bottle a pink and yellow with a peacock lid. It smells amazing too and is already going to be a favourite come summer I have no doubt. I also got Next Diamonds, which is my favourite colour (purple) and smells very sweet too.

I got a Christmas themed beauticology set which included a strawberry swirl and cherry candy cane body washes and a pink peppermint body lotion. I'm looking forward to trying these out and hopefully they'll keep me in the Christmas spirit for as long as possible too. I was also given these Fearne nail varnishes in beautiful packaging which are very welcome additions to my nail varnish collection.

I got a fair few jokey presents this year too, as my favourite animal is an elephant my mum and dad got me a make your own felt toy elephant, which even though it's a 4+ toy I have already made and I think he looks super cute. As I'm going to be starting my driving lessons soon I got a theory test book. I also got a Winnie the Pooh colouring book and colours, which is a bit of an inside joke in my family that we all love colouring in. The mosaic tray is because I almost always have breakfast in bed and so this is for me to have my breakfast on.

For when I straighten my hair and poof it all up I was given an Andrew Barton Volume collection set including the shampoo, conditioner and spray for damp hair. I also (finally) got my hands on Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser which I'm already very impressed with. As well as a little cocoa butter gift set, including a body was, body polish and body lotion.

I had asked for some long legged pyjama's this year and the ones I got I really love. I have a black rose themed set, a spotty set and a Thumper from Bambi set.

I got two diaries too, the one on the left I'm going to be using as a college diary for homework and coursework deadlines e.t.c. and the one on the left (which my aunt made by hand!) I'm going to be keeping safe at home for important dates outside of school.

In terms of dvd's I got the Nativity and the Nativity 2 which are my favourite Christmas films, Dirty Dancing (which I love), Oliver and Company, which was my absolute favourite Disney film as a child and Les Miserables which again, I love. I was also given Michael Buble's To Be Loved album, which has already been played all the way through at least 10 times, and is actually playing as I type.

Last but not least it wouldn't be Christmas without chocolate!