FOTD: Glamorous Christmas Makeup:


When Christmas time comes calling you can get away with a statement red lip if you're not usually the one to be brave and try it out. A bright glossy red is such a perfect Christmas colour in my opinion and I'll definitely be wearing this look to any Christmas parties this year. 

The trick with a bright lip is to make sure your face doesn't look bottom heavy. By this I mean you need to balance the look out with something strong along the top half of your face as well as just the bright lip, otherwise you can tend to look a little strange and out of proportion. Usually I go with a strong brow when I'm wearing a statement lip because my brow's are quite strong and defined already so I just add to what I've already got, but this is totally up to you you could do a winged liner or anything that takes your fancy as long as it will balance out your face when paired with the red lip.

As for the rest of the look I went for a pale foundation and a warm toned blush as well as a lot of highlighter along the cheek bones and down the nose to give off a happy glowing look that everyone seems to develop come this time of year.

As for the eyes because of the strong brow and lip I wanted to keep them really nice and simple so I used very natural sheer but pearlescent colour all over the lid and used a lot of highlighter in the inner corners of my eye to focus the light on my eyes and give me a bright eyed look. I applied some lengthening non clumpy mascara because I wanted the eyes quite simple but classy.

Overall, I really love this look, I think it's really classy and with a nice dress and glossy hair it absolutely perfect for this time of year.

I hope you enjoyed this post and try out the look! If you did let me know in the comments along with any other requests you have for me.

P.S. If you don't want to wear a bright pillar box red then a dark berry lip still makes a nice statement.