Empties #7:


It's that time again, the pile of empty bottles and tubes hidden away in my room began to be too big to hide away so I figured it's time for empties number seven! 

The first thing I used up was this dry shampoo from Batiste. It's the one for brown hair which is best for me as I find that all of their other dry shampoo's are far too grey toned and don't fade no matter how much you rub them in.  

One product I've finally used up is the Loreal EverSleek serum. I say finally because this product has lasted for years! It was actually one of the very first things I reviewed. It's not a bad thing that it's lasted so long because you need so little product and it goes such a long way and lasts all day. Both me and my sister used this for years and it's finally run out. I'd definitely pick this up again if I needed a new serum. 

This is another product that has taken me an age to work through mainly because I don't use much heat in my hair. I'm not too sure whether I'd pick up this VO5 heat protectant up again though because it's quite a sticky texture and made my hair feel quite dirty most of the time.

This primer has a full review up already so I'll not go into too much detail just to say that I hugely recommend it if you have any pores or fine lines or dry skin that you feel need smoothing out before putting foundation on.

This Carbon Black mascara from GOSH is a bit of a disappointing product for me actually. I found it got dry almost instantly and left big black smudges and flakes under my eyes. I definitely wouldn't pick this one up again.

I really miss using this Vitamin E serum from the body shop. I found it did my skin so much good and never left me feeling too oily once I had figured out how much my skin needed. I've since moved on to a different serum but I would definitely buy this one again.

This Vaseline healthy hands and stronger nails cream was one of the first things I put into my empties box after finishing the last post. I remember really loving the smell and finding that it sunk into my hands fairly fast. Again this is something I have others of at the moment but would consider purchasing again.

What do you think of my empties, is there anything you've just used up that you liked? Let me know!