Changes in EJEbeauty:


Blogging is harder than I  thought it would be, I must admit when I first started I thought it was going to be something I could use as escapism from working and revising and it was, and still is. I still love my blog with an absolute passion don't get me wrong but I regret setting myself a schedule so early on. At just over a years blogging I still see myself as one of the new kids. "EJEbeauty" is something I'd love to carry on with and I want each post I write to be the best quality it can be. Whereas before I was more interested in making sure I hit three posts a week, and then Blogmas where I was posting every day up til Christmas, I began to care less and less about what I was writing and the quality of the pictures. I would sit and hurry out a month's worth of blogposts in a day sometimes and I'm pretty sure it showed in the quality.

With that in mind I'm going back to the beginning. There'll be no schedule for a while as I was struggling to keep up with it on top of full time as well as a job where I'm working as much as I can to earn some holiday money and University work with endless hand in dates and lectures.

I would much rather put out less content for you guys and have it be high quality with good photos and well researched information. I'm going to give myself complete freedom and not make a single promise here, no at least one post a week, no schedule coming soon, just every now and again for the foreseeable future I'll pop up in your bloglovin feed. If I seem to have completely disappeared then I do apologise but I'm having to sort a hell of a lot of things out at once lately which I hope everyone can understand.