Short Girl Problems:


I'm only 5ft 2" so I encounter the problems of being short on a pretty much daily basis. It used to really bother me, and don't get me wrong I'd still like to be a few inches taller but now I feel like I could write a silly post about it in good humour.

1. Everyone thinks it's hilarious to use your head as an armrest. It's not and if you're a lot taller than us sometimes it even hurts our heads.

2. Being called cute you're entire life, this is especially annoying during puberty and when we decide we want to be a woman now!

3. Being unable to go shopping without a tall person there to help you reach things. (Also any small people who work in a shop like I do you'll know it's extremely annoying dragging a stool wherever you go and the fact sometimes a queue will develop because people can't see you behind the till).

4. If someone sits in front of you in the cinema/theatre/lecture hall you're screwed.

5. When someone doesn't understand your legs physically can't go as fast as your's because their strides are so much bigger and they think you're just being slow.

6. Pulling the car seat as close as is humanly possible towards the peddles before driving.

7. If your feet touch the floor when sitting in a chair it's a genuine shock.

8. Being that kid that had to sit in the front of EVERY school photo because otherwise no one can see you.

9. Getting mistaken for a lost child when out alone (I cannot believe this has actually happened to me)!

10. The "If one more person tells me how short I am today I will have to stand on this chair and slap them" mood.

I hope you guys liked this slightly different post. If you did then let me know.