The Filming Face:


Some of you may already recognize this picture since it's currently the background of my Youtube channel. Yeah you heard right I finally took the plunge and filmed my first video. I wasn't planning on doing so at all. In fact what spurred me on most was the risk of wasting a great face of makeup! With that in mind why not milk this look even further by blogging about it too.

In my products to use in 2015 post (link here) I mentioned the Revlon lipstick in Wine Not that I was desperate to use up before it started getting too old. Well I'm ashamed to admit that today was the first day I used it since that post. As well as the lipstick as you can see it's an neutral base with pink shimmery cheeks and gold shimmery eyes and a nice winged liner. If you watch my video than you'll also know that the winged liner is from Topshop. As for what else I mentioned in my first video....

Well you'll just have to watch and see for yourself!