Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review:


If you saw my skincare routine post then you'll probably know how I use this products already. If not then I use this on nights when I haven't been wearing any make up, just to make sure my skin is really nice and clean before I go in with serums and moisturisers. 

It claims to be fine even for sensitive skin, and to remove make up, cleanse and soothe in just one step. I have used it to remove make up before on very lazy days and it is good at it though it doesn't remove everything. It also doesn't feel as luxury as a gel or balm cleanser would, although for a micellar water I'd say that's to be expected. It would make a good step up if you're just using makeup wipes at the moment though. 

As for how it works the way I use it, it's really good. It does soothe like it claims to and you really don't need to rinse as it says. Even though I wash my face every night it doesn't feel properly cleansed unless I swipe this over with a cotton pad as well. Even though it has no claims to I'd actually say this helps with blemishes too. The fact it cleans away the skin and soothes any sore patches makes it a good skincare product for all skin types from sensitive to oily and acne prone. 

I'd definitely pick this up or a similar type of product as I've found it comes in really handy for lazy days and it's also nice and cheap for when I don't want to use up my higher end cleansing balms on days I don't have any make up.