First Impressions: Botanics Purifying Face Scrub:


I picked this up a hell of a long time a go but never had a chance to start using it before I finished off all the products I was midway through. I've recently opened it and gave it ago, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked.

The grains in the product are very fine and make my face feel very clean. As for the purifying and brightening claims it makes I'd really say it does make a difference. I've found it brightens my skin in the way it looks like a glow comes from within as opposed to oily.

I'd recommend this for any skin type as I switch between skin types very often and have never had an issue or reaction. With oily skin it seems to help break down the oil leaving you with a clean surface, with dry skin it smoothes everything away and with spotty or spot prone skin it actually seems to soothe them into healing faster. All in all I'd say (for a product that in all honesty I only bought as a quick filler to a hole in my routine whilst on holiday) this has really shone for me and I'd probably already consider a repurchase.