My Cleared Out Makeup Collection & Storage:


Not long a go I cleaned out all of my make up and threw away ALOT, that was clearly well past it's best. With that in mind I thought I could now show you my updated make up collection. I know it's really nothing impressive especially compared to if it were stored beautifully in Muji drawers or something like that, but I like the way it works for the amount of make up that I have at the moment. These little separators are from Ikea, although I think they've been discontinued. Usually they sit in one of my drawers but sadly with it getting darker much faster lately when I tried to photograph that it just looked dark and sad. 

In the largest compartment on the left sits all of my eye make up. My palettes sit in size order, then tucked into the side are all of the single eye shadow's and mini palettes that I have. Hidden away in the right corner as you can see I have eyelash glue and and eye primers. Then moving down from there are my mascaras and then down from there into the left corner are my eye liner's both coloured and black.

The other two compartment's are two of the same size. The top one is all of my base products. All along the left are foundations of various shades and finishes and my primer of the moment. Then all of the other products are finishing powders, contour powders, blushes and highlights. As you can probably tell base products are my favourite to buy and try out which is why this box was totally overflowing  before I sorted it out. In the left hand corner I have my concealers. I like to keep them stood up so I can always see roughly how much is left of them. 

My last compartment is dedicated to lips. As you can see I have no lip liners, which is something I'd like to change. What I do have is all of my lipsticks along the right upper side of the box, with the tints along the bottom. I wanted to be able to line up my lipsticks in the same way I've done my concealers but I didn't have enough of them to keep them stood up so I've got them all laid down along the bottom. I don't really think this is such a bad thing though as at least I can now see all of the colours.

That's all for this post I hope you enjoyed it, I wasn't sure how to write it as it's a little tricker than if I was filming it.