Fitness Update: March:


I'm not too sure about how I feel about this month fitness wise. My excersize has gone up and the healthy eating has improved without a doubt. I've been having a lot more water and green tea's too which I have to say isn't something I ever imagined myself enjoying drinking! My main issue this month has been going on night outs! I'm sure any of you who follow me on instagram will agree the level of drunk selfies with friends has definitely gone up. What with the amount of alcohol in my system and the four in the morning pizza runs that my stomach is hardly the most toned it's ever been!

One thing  I have been enjoying more and more is going through excersize videos. I think it's because the person you're watching is doing it with you and it's almost as if you're doing it with a friend. This so called "warm up" nearly killed me though! I really enjoyed it and I think in the future I'll be branching out into a bit more cardio!

This month I'm proud of the fact I kept going even through I've had so many nights out and the definition I'm beginning to see in my legs, next month I want to have less nights out and cut down th alcohol!

We'll see what happens next month let me know how you're doing if you're on a fitness journey?