Thoughts on Feminism:


Happy International Women's Day everyone!

This is a post that I've wanted to write for a very long time and I thought what better day than today? I'm fully aware this may be a controversial one and I'd just like to stress that these are my opinions and if you disagree then you are more than entitled to do so.

First thing's first my understanding of what a Feminist is. To me a feminist is someone who strives for social, political, economic and cultural rights for everyone. to reiterate that's everyone, both men and women. A feminist to me is not someone who doesn't shave their legs, not a lesbian, not someone who wants to be a man nor a man hater (these are just some of the things I've been called).

I'd also like to address those who say feminism is not needed in these countries. We already have the vote and we already have access to education after all. These people are wrong in my opinion. Yes women in Western culture have  a lot more rights then we do in the underdeveloped world. And yes those countries where a girl has little to no access to education and is expected to be nothing more than a cooking, cleaning and baby making machine are in desperate need of a different type of feminism than we do. Although in this country it is proven that women still to this day do not have equal rights. On average we do not get paid the same for the same work, the same things are not expected of men than they are of women and this needs to change. My little sister came home from school the other day and told me that her Physical Education lessons consist of Yoga, Gymnastics and the new edition of cheer leading, whilst the boys at her school play football, and rugby. She told me he would love to play football but her teachers told her that only the boys play it. How on earth is this equal?

Don't get me wrong I love pink, and makeup and doing my hair and wearing dresses. These are my choices I don't like these things because I am a girl. I also love to go to Rugby matches, so what? There are many women out there could never see themselves in a dress or who love playing football and frankly why shouldn't they? There should be no difference in male and female activities in my eyes. If a man wants to wear makeup or doesn't like sports then there are some groups of people who would laugh and attack him for this calling him a girl. Now first off since when was being a "girl" a bad thing and secondly why does this make him a girl?

I don't really know what will come of this post if anything at all but I just wanted to add my thoughts to the mix. Whether you agree with me or not when I'd love to hear your comments. Does feminist include mens rights in your eyes as it does in mine? Let me know.

I'll leave you with this video that went around last year, I really enjoy it.