Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot:


This powder wasn't actually supposed to be used for a few months yet since I was still working through my old one, however on a recent (drunken I might add) night out it fell out of my bag and smashed into tiny little pieces. The silver lining to that heartbreaking moment was that when I got home this little beauty was there waiting to be opened up.

The packaging is beautiful, retro just my style and the way they've thought it all through is so clever too. The mirror is the size of the whole lid which means you don't have to worry about carrying a mirror around with you too.  

I love the POWder print on the product itself too. This is something I really like about the brand as a whole they always add little thoughtful details which make you smile and enjoy using it just that little bit more. It comes with a puff too which may not be ideal for all but for taking it out during the day this is a dream come true. 

The powder itself is beautiful. I've fallen well and truly in love with it already! It's a super fine powder which has just the right consistency to be lightly dusted over your face with a brush or packed on a little thicker with a puff. It seems to last almost all day so far although it's not been too hot and sunny lately so I'll have to update you as to how it deals with heat. It mattes out the face but not in a way where you look dead it allows some dewiness to shine through, but at the same time it's not so light that you're left constantly reapplying through out the day. 

At £12 it's not dirt cheap but hardly pricey either. If you're looking for a new powder I'd recommend giving this a go.