Review: Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Range:


I finished these products all at different times and so one by one they added themselves to my empties pile (video should be coming soon) until I saw the three of them together and thought why not write up a review of the range as a whole. I hope you enjoy the review and who knows it may lead to you enjoying the range yourself.

The first thing I'll say about the range overall is that if you want to buy it then you should do so now whilst it's getting warmer because the lime infused sugary sweet smell is a Summer's dream! 

As for each of the products themselves I'll start with the body wash. This claimed to be "fresh and foamy" and it certainly didn't disappoint. The formula created lots and lots of fresh almost cool feeling bubbles and the smell of limes really helped wake up the senses. This often left my skin feeling so smooth that I almost didn't feel the need to moisturize afterwards. The 500 ml was enough product to last me a good few months so you get great value for money too. All in all I'd say that as long as you're a fan of sweet citrus scents this is an absolute dream of a body wash.

An alternative to the wash was the scrub, this was sugar based so it could be quite harsh at times. The sugar was held together in what almost seemed like a gel consistency. I do quite like the fact it felt a little harsh though because every so often I like to really give my skin a hard scrub to remove any dead skin cells and get me blood circulating. I find it really helps you wake up, also this would be the perfect type of scrub to use if you're about to fake tan because there's no way any scaly bits would survive.

Last in the trio of goodies comes the Body Buttercream. This I found was different to the brands usual body butters as it was a little lighter (both in consistency and scent). It left my skin feeling very well moisturised but at the same time it sank in super quick so you got the best of both worlds really. The scent was the same throughout the range which I really liked. Personally I think it smells exactly like lime Starburst sweets but most people tell me it smells like Drumstick sweets (apologies if you're not a British reader and have no idea what these sweets are!).

All in all I really enjoyed the range, if you've used it before let me know what you thought and if you haven't would you like to?