My Fitness Update February:


It's been an up and down Month fitness wise I'll be honest. I've really kept up with my excersize though, which is something I'm proud of, although I do have to admit that there was a week or so mid-month that I was really dreading excersizing. I powered through though and now I'm seeing the benefits I'm beginning to fall back in love with it again. My routine hasn't changed much at all so I won't bother retyping all of that again, you can just check out last months fitness post for that one. I have been doing much more walking around this month too though. I really enjoy walking not only for excersizing but also for the fresh air that comes with it.

On the flip side to all those benefits however, I don't think I've had a month eating this much junk in a very long time. Dominoes orders, midnight chocolate raids and chocolate spread on toast for breakfast you name it I ate it. I'd say that with the increase in excersize and increase in junk food my body has stayed the same if not very subtly improved. The bad foods I've eaten seem to have had their impact on my skin instead.

All in all like I said an up and down month. This month I'm most proud of the definition I'm beginning to see in my arms and least proud of the bad food I've been eating. My goal for next month are to eat much less rubbish. I think I'm going to set myself a goal at the end of each month for the next one but instead of just focusing on the bad I also want to mention what I'm most proud of so I have the chance to be proud of my achievements.