Gift Guide for Her:


Hello and welcome to my first Blogmas post! I'm hoping to post every day of December so wish me luck! I'm going to start with a Gift Guide for Her. Obviously this is a very subjective thing because not every woman is the same and will want the same things. These are all presents that I'd like to receive (hint hint).

First up is this Olivia Burton Big Dial Tan and Gold watch. I love watches lately, personally I think a nice classy watch can really add to or finish off an outfit well. If you know a woman who likes to be organised, dresses well or just enjoys pretty treats like this then I'd say a watch is a really good present idea.

Next is the Oribe Cult Classic Collection, this kind of thing is perfect if you know a woman who loves to pamper herself and try out new more high end products. It comes with a travel sized shampoo, conditioner and Pulse spray, as they're travel sized if the person you're giving the present too doesn't get on too well it's better than if you bought the full sized, if they like them however it's perfect because it's given them a chance to try something they perhaps wouldn't have.

Now this is something I've had my eye on for a very long time! A YSL Rouge Volupte is most women I know's dream lipstick. Of course the colour you choose will depend on the woman but just a hint that they are considered very popular and very luxury.

Another little high end that a lot of women will have their eyes on is the Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette. It's got all a woman could need for her face, contour, blush and highlight. Also Urban Decay is a much loved brand, especially at the moment.

A candle makes a nice present for most women as usually they like them. A Jo Malone Candle is considered a lovely treat too, this one is Lime Basil & Madarin, but as with everything here it depends on the woman.

Last but not least I thought I better suggest something that isn't beauty related for a change and go with a home ware purchase suggestion. This is a stunning clock! My dad saw it as I was putting it together and told me it just screamed me. So if you know someone with a similar taste this clock is from John Lewis.

That's all for this gift guide, I'll be doing a male edition tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for that!