Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers (Under £20)


This is the last of my Gift Guide posts for this Blogmas, as always please bear in mind that these are just ideas for you but as always gifts are subjective. I hope this helps you. These are my stocking stuffer ideas, all are under £20 pounds and I've tried to get a mix of gifts for men, women and children.

In this little cracker you get a mini eye pencil in black and an Intense Volume mascara. I think this an amazing gift considering the price of mascara and eyeliner usually. The fact the make up comes in such pretty bronze and Christmas packaging is a nice little touch too.

These brushes claim to be super soft and high quality. I have to say I've never tried this brand before but I've heard many god things. At £19 for good quality brushes this is certainly a perfect looking product. This product includes a powder brush, crease brush and a fluffy shadow brush.

This looks to be such a lovely winter gift! I'm fairly certain you can get these in a variety of colours too if you were thinking of getting something like this for a boy. This would be a lovely gift for either a music or fashion lover. They're a nice little gadget to have to and a good bit of fun in Christmas.

These are a great gift idea for younger kids who'd be going back to school after the holidays. The fact they're nail varnish shaped is a nice touch of something different, a lot of young girls going into school would love. Not only that but for under £10 they're a nice bit of fun and a good stocking filler.

Now this is a real bargain present for anyone getting into beauty! Just £5 for a Hot Chocolate Lip Butter and a Gingerbread Body Butter. Beauticology never disappoint with their scents and products and the cute as a button Christmas themed packaging and names make them the perfect little gift.

This is a dream present for someone like me. If you know anyone who likes a personal touch, listmaking, or is perhaps going into an important school year then this would be a very sweet gift. This could last a very long time too as opposed to just getting someone a bar of chocolate or something which is a nice present at Christmas don't get me wrong but something more personal and long lasting is much better. 

Finally something a bit more manly, I'd say this would make a good present for a Dad or Grandad. I love the fact you could use the teabag that comes with it to make them their first Christmas day tea.

That's all for this post and all for my gift guides so far this year. I hope you found them helpful.