Cinnamon Christmas Hot Chocolate:


Now this is probably news to no one and believe me I have no idea why I haven't tried this until now but cinnamon in hot chocolate is AMAZING! My sister and I had he house to ourselves a few nights a go and being the wild teenagers that we are decided to watch Christmas TV with a hot chocolate. We were extremely bored and both agreed we wanted to do something different. I opened up the cupboard, ginger...maybe, chilli powder...not for us, garlic..NO! But cinnamon? That sounded interesting. After spending (no joke) a good fifteen minutes trying to decide whether we should add it or not, because we're just that boring that cinnamon in our hot chocolate may be just TOO much, we took the plunge. I added a shed load of marshmallows to mine too which was extra tasty!

What do you add to your hot chocolate? Or like me are you very slow to hop on the bandwagon here? Let me know, also can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact my reindeer spoon is pretty much bathing in marshmallows!