Lincoln Christmas Market:


Lincoln Christmas Market is the biggest market in Europe and being a lover of Christmas and with my boyfriend being in Lincoln for University how could I not go and take a look around? I'll admit I didn't take many pictures and I didn't spend much time trying to get arty shots because I wanted to really enjoy spending time with my boyfriend and his family. Despite the fact I really enjoyed the market there really wasn't much time to stop and take photos anyway. There were so many people there that you were only allowed to walk one way. Lincoln is a truly beautiful place and the market looked stunning. I found out that I like pecans and looked around lots of stands. Some of it was just bits of tat I'll be honest but what I see as tat some people would really love. The castle and Cathedral was the perfect setting for an old style market and most of the sellers were in old costume. There was the opportunity to take photos with Santa too and not those weird looking ones in the shopping centre with the very obviously fake beard but a proper Santa! I'll definitely be going again next year it's really got me into the Christmas spirit!